The Lotus flower as a plant idea for your home

Grooming Lotus flower at home

The scientific name of the Lotus flower is Nymnphaea Lotus. She also carries many more colloquial names. These include the Flower of Buda, the Egyptian Lotus and the sacred Lotus. There are many more names for different nations and cultures.

The lotus plant is super small. Their roots and the rods are always under water. The flowers, on the other hand, rest on the water surface. The lotus flower has very strong resistance to insects and other pests. Through certain mechanisms, she keeps them away from her.

Enchanting lotus flower

The lotus is enchantingly beautiful and it could bring you many advantages of having this lake plant in your garden in the summer. But what do you have to do to use and maintain the lotus plant?

Buy seeds

The first thing you have to do is buy seeds. These can easily be found both in specialized shops, as well as on the corresponding websites.

Do not forget that there are different varieties of lotus plants. Carefully search and see what you like best. Now choose the right seeds.

Where are the seeds of the lotus flower?

The seeds are very light and they are in an opaque shell. To use them, you should open them and remove the contents. Now you need filtered, lukewarm water. Put the seeds in it.

The process of growth

Next, bring the jar of water and seeds of the lotus plant to a place where they get plenty of light. You should stay there for 2 to 5 days until the first sprouts come out. Within this time you should exchange the water every other day.

Once the process of growth has begun, it will be very fast. Growth slows down only on a very advanced stage.

The permanent planting

The lotus flower should be moved to the place where it remains permanent. But do not start planting until the sprouts have reached 10 cm. The main town should usually be a stream, a pond or a well. If you do not have them, you should come up with something artificial. If you choose an aquarium, you should be aware that the water needs to be changed regularly to make your lotus plant feel good there.

The right season and the multiplication

For reproduction you should be vigilant in the spring. This is the heyday of the lotus plants. They grow alone and not in groups. Once the flowers wither, they leave their seeds. These could then be used for propagation.

A small aquatic plant idea for the garden

A lotus flower for the balcony

After withering, use the seeds to grow the lotus plant


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