The peony: care tips and garden design ideas

Perennials and bush peonies spice up many gardens from the end of May. The first ones are well known to all home gardeners and most of us. On the other hand, the tree peonies have become more important in recent years. They look pretty early in the spring, have magnificent flowers and many other benefits. This flower is also frost resistant.

In the next few lines we pay a little more attention to the care of the two species of peony. We also tell you a few Tips for successful garden design with these beautiful flowers.

Coral peonies

The perennial peony

The perennial peonies grow in early summer, or from summer to mid-September. When we buy them, we have to be careful that they have a well-developed root system. The perennial peonies must be planted in a soil rich in nutrients.

They need deep soil as their root system develops very deep.

Obligatory when planting is the pouring. Irrigation should also be done regularly in the following weeks. The depth at insertion, however, should be about the same as that of the pot. That is crucial for the good development. If the roots are too deep, the plants sometimes do not flower at all.

The peony fits well with the house entrance

The shrub peony

These peonies develop, as the name implies, like shrubs and can grow up to three meters high. When planting, one must use the shrub peonies much deeper than the others. Their roots should be much deeper into the soil than that of the perennial species. The reason is the development of roses. The roots are repelled after the plants have grown for a few years. For this to work, however, the peony must have formed its own roots. This only works if they are deep enough in the ground.

Shrub peonies will bloom from mid-April for three to four weeks. Rainfall could shorten this time. One of the great advantages of shrub peonies is their resistance to frost. Provided that the roots are deep enough, the buds can survive to -10 and the flowers – 5 degrees.

The well drained soil is a must for the good development of the shrub peonies. Waterlogging, on the other hand, can be extremely problematic. Helpful but not obligatory is the pruning.

Achieve an informal, rustic garden style with the peonies

A few centuries old …

No matter what kind of peonies you take – perennials or shrubs, you can count on years of enjoyment. Even they can become a family heritage: sometimes peonies are up to 300 years old! Quite surprisingly, by the way, when you look at the delicate figures in the first years of their development.

There are great climbing species for the fence

Magnificent flowers

The shrub peonies are characterized by their particularly large flowers with a silky, very delicate texture. They can reach up to 15 cm in diameter.

Peonies sometimes shine in purple

The right location

Both species of peonies need one to two years to reach the desired height. The size after that is very great both below and above the earth. You will be up to two meters high in this time. The location in the garden would have to secure enough space for them.

The peonies, whether perennials and shrubs, love the nutrient-rich, well-drained soil. Filtered light is best for its development. They would ideally develop under a medium-thick foliage.

Peonies thrive well in a partially shaded spot. 3-4 hours of sun, these garden beauties need daily. The perennials, however, need something more. Both varieties of peony do not tolerate the total shade.

Deepening becomes the topic of care, including fertilization and distribution in the following article considered. We now devote ourselves to the possibilities for garden design with peonies.

Tender pink is one of the most popular shades

Garden design with peonies

All peonies grow very high and therefore you can use them wonderfully for the zoning of the garden. Flank small paths or put them on a fence or a wall.

You can also make islands with magnificent flowers – around the trees or around seating.

Peonies are often planted directly on the house walls. So even the simplest side views will look fabulous. You can also use these plants to create more privacy in a beautiful way.

A stand alone shrub in the midst of free garden area would also be very effective.

Mixtures often have wide open flowers and very delicate texture

mixed places

The best of both – the perennials and the shrub peonies you can have. There are fabulous mixed varieties. You recognize them by the wide open flowers.

Fabulous garden in green and purple with peonies

Pentecostal gardens are ideal for the rural style

Peonies are ideal for the rural garden style. They can be wonderfully combined with perennials of various kinds, as well as with the most varied vegetables.

Great front garden design with peonies

Fascination color

You have a lot of freedom in the choice of colors. The most varied ones are to be found in the peonies. There are both very bright, as well as very subtle shades. The combination possibilities are thus also unbelievable. However, you may be disappointed with some varieties of missing fragrance. This is often weak especially in the perennials. Shrub peonies will spoil your senses much more intensively in this regard.

Learn more about the shrub peony in the following video.

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