The trumpet tree – origin and interesting facts

Basic knowledge of the trumpet tree

Trumpet trees are often found in Europe. But this tree comes originally from the eastern parts of the USA. You immediately recognize the trumpet tree by its large, heart-shaped leaves. However, they will not appear until June and will fall off at the first frost. Before that, they do not even manage to change their color.

Flowering time is mid-July

The flowering time happens in the middle of July. The main color is white. Yellow and purple spots occur. The flowers grow in large clusters. They are sometimes so big that they can hide all the leaves together.

For this reason, we can say with a clear conscience that the trumpet tree is one of the most beautiful summer trees.

Trumpet trees are often preferred for parks

Bean-like fruits

The trumpet tree produces bean-like fruits. They are collected in longer capsules. These reach a length of about 40 cm.

The usual width of the capsules is between 5 and 7 mm

Growth in good weather and soil conditions

With the right weather and soil conditions, the tree grows up to 15 meters high

The crown is very large and irregularly developed. The trunk is very thick. In the approach, he looks slightly heart-shaped. Many users find the fact very interesting that the tree can live up to 150 years.

Where can the tree grow?

The full sun is a must for the healthy growth of the tree. The fertile, well-drained soil is another prerequisite to look out for. Furthermore, you should protect the tree from strong wind. This would otherwise damage its leaves.

Trumpet trees are very robust from an early age

Interesting fact

One of the usual American names of the tree is Indian Bean Tree. He refers to an Indian tribe. The tree was first discovered by a botanist on its territory.

The local Indians themselves called the tree Catawba. When spelling it came to a misunderstanding and it has been recorded as catalpa. Therefore, the other name comes: Southern Catalpa (southern Catalpa).

Magnificent flowers and juicy foliage

Gorgeous greenery in the park or in the garden

The buds have a darker purple shade and the white flowers are light yellow in the middle

The long, narrow pods are reminiscent of delicate trumpets

Trumpet trees work well with all other trees and plants

In golden October, the trees look even more majestic

Massive trumpet tree in front of Rochester Cathedral

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