The tulip as spring messenger and her color symbolism!

The tulip – one of the spring symbols in our garden

Do we want to get used to spring? This great season is almost back! Among other things, we devote ourselves more intensively to gardening. The tulip is one of the traditional spring flowers and it brings us the most joy.

Tulip as a part of representative gardens since 400 years

The tulips have been an important part of representative gardens in Europe for over 400 years. They were brought here by the Ottoman Empire. Today, 80% of the tulip trade is in the hands of the Dutch. In Turkey, however, the traditions have not been lost. Every year a tulip festival is organized there, which is gaining more and more popularity.

Symbolic meaning of the tulip after its color

A bouquet of tulips is always a good idea. However, you should be the best informed about the symbolic meaning of these magnificent flowers. It differs from tulip color to tulip color. The red tulip symbolizes love. White can be given if you apologize to someone. Yellow tulip symbolizes the desperate love.

With purple tulip show respect and worship. The colorful tulip is suitable if you want to show your admiration for the beautiful eyes of the lover without words.

Which tulip variety should we choose for our garden?

Triumph tulips

The best-known variety for the garden are Triumph tulips. They are a hybrid between the early spring varieties and some others that later develop their beauty. The Triumph Tulip offers us the splendor of late spring already on the first days of the new season, when the warm weather arrives.

Tulips cartouche

The Tulip Cartouche are characterized by their great stamina. They show full flowers with a gentle texture and rich colors. The tulip cartouche can sometimes be confused with the peony. For this tulip you have to be patient, because it grows and flowers in May. Their flowers are very large and open in full sun. You can reach up to 10 cm in diameter.

The tulip ‘Paul Scherer’

Have you ever seen a black tulip in your life? Botanists have been working on this project for many years. You almost got it. The tulip ‘Paul Scherer’ is almost black. Their nuance is slightly in the middle between dark brown and dark purple. The tulip ‘Paul Scherer’ has very solid rods and large, oval flowers.

The tulip ‘Paul Scherer’ flowers in April and May. She looks so mysterious and magical! Surely you fall in love with this beauty at first sight!

Ice cream tulip

Have you ever seen something like this live? This artful strain is strongly reminiscent of ice cream in cups. You see it too, right? That’s where the name comes from. The Ice Cream Tulip is one of the most popular varieties. Would not such a tulip look wonderful in your garden?

Tulips evergreen

Let’s continue with another fancy tulip variety. It is the opposite of the ones shown so far, and especially the Ice Cream Tulip. Tulip Evergreen has almost no color. It is characterized by its neutral green shade.

Tulip ‘Queensland’

Quite different and infinitely beautiful is the tulip ‘Queensland’. It is characterized by its magnificent petals. These are decorated by nature with pink-white fringes. They have a wavy and very appealing appearance. Tulip ‘Queensland’ is one of the most suitable varieties for flowerpots.

Tulip Van Tubergen’s

This is a very special strain. In her, three to four flowers grow on the same rod. Tulip Van Tubergen’s is also very suitable for the flower pot and thus for the terrace at home. From beauty and romance, it represents a big competition of the red rose.

Plant tulips? It’s worth it because:

  • they grow well in the garden as well as in the flower pot;
  • They adapt to almost all climatic conditions very well.
  • they both endure the shade well, and love the sun;
  • they are very rarely ill and are attacked by insects;
  • they are not destroyed by low temperatures.

Finally, take a look at our home arrangements! The tulip is a real gift of spring, right?

Prepare a sensual pleasure through a garden full of beautiful, colorful tulips

This artful strain is strongly reminiscent of ice cream in the cup

The tulips are traditional spring flowers

With purple tulips you show respect and adoration

The Parrot tulips

Combine white and red tulips

The ‘Queensland’ tulip is one of the most suitable varieties for flowerpots

The black tulip

The tulips in the garden give everyone great pleasure

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