Thyme Care and Effect – The most important thing you should know about this plant

Thyme care in a flowerpot

Thyme is actually a typical forest dweller. But he likes to be cared for in the garden, because he is a wonderful spice. You can probably try this again this year.

Maybe you do not have a garden? Or maybe you want to enjoy the thyme flavor earlier?

If this is the case, then a small winter garden or even a flowerpot can take you further.

Thyme Care in the kitchen and as a decoration

The good thing about beautiful plants like thyme is that you can easily combine the practical with the aesthetic. Because the thyme smells nice, finds a wide use in the kitchen and can also serve as a wonderful decoration.

You can make a wonderful thyme tea from the so-called lemon variety. Furthermore, you can create wonderful, super tasty soups.

Fresh lemon thyme

Thyme care and spread

If you already have thyme in the garden, you can use it for propagation in smaller flowerpots. They would have to demolish the longer Sprengelsprossen for this purpose. If the “parent plant” has been used by another flower pot, then you should also remove the entire plant. The earth in the flower container would have to be cleaned.

The new thyme plants would now have to go into new flower containers. The latter should already have holes for drainage. The plant containers would now have to be filled with new, fresh soil. Then you would have to water abundantly.

Gorgeous, purple-colored flowers in the mountains

Stylish garden design

The thyme blossom in details

Pouring in thyme care

Thyme plants are very dry. That’s why you should only pour plenty right at the beginning. After that, the excess moisture may be more damaging to the thyme plants.

There are many different types of thyme. Most of them grow in the Mediterranean area. These require a lot of heat. They should rather be cared for at home in the flower container. But there is also a thyme that is hardy. He can also withstand outside temperatures outside.

Especially effective is the thyme between larger stones

The thyme effect

Having clarified that thyme care is actually an easy thing, let’s show you where to put it to best use. Due to the many great active ingredients you can actually consider the thyme plants as a universal remedy from nature. For flu and any respiratory problems, this plant can be used. It also helps a lot against inflammation. Dry-skin symptoms can also be influenced very positively.

Freshly picked plant

You can even replace the coffee

Are you looking for a successful substitute for the coffee that will cheer you as much as the encouraging drink? If so, you’re in luck. We also know the encouraging thyme effect. You can wake up very quickly through this.

Treat yourself to a tasty thyme tea more often

Thyme effect in the bath

You can also treat yourself to a great relaxation by the thyme effect. This is also very beneficial. This natural remedy can spare the investment in many great expensive means. Try it and you will not regret it.

Infusion of thyme plants also shows a very beneficial effect in many respects. You could dip your hands and feet into them several times for a great effect.

Thyme is also used in very advanced cosmetics. Among other things, it promotes hair growth and helps a lot against dandruff.

Various types of thyme

Botanical drawing

Pound the fresh leaves in a mortar

The essential oils of companies like De Sensua are especially recommended

Handmade soap with thyme and lemon

Turn your sparkling wine into an exciting drink with blueberries and thyme

Thyme iced tea with honey and lemon for the hot summer

Freshly picked and dried for your kitchen

Thyme is compatible with many other herbs and spices

Prepare a delicious, vegetarian meal

Or are you more into grilled chicken?

Salmon and potatoes with thyme – tastes great

Homemade cake with thyme, lemon and blueberries

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