Treat yourself to rural splendor in the garden with the fabulous peonies

The peonies are among the most magnificent Flowers in the summer garden , They are perfect for those who want to spread an informal, rural atmosphere in their own outdoor area. They are also known under the name peonies.

The care of these magnificent garden flowers depends to a large extent on their variety. There are perennials and shrub peonies. The first ones are the better known variety and most of the care tips on the internet refer to it.

The shrub peonies are recognizable by their roots. They are more robust, unlike the other variety, they do not retreat into the earth. These peonies flower again relatively early and are frost-resistant. The peony peonies often have a very strong scent – also a great advantage of these garden flowers.

The decision for one or the other kind should preferably be related to their design options that you want to achieve for your own garden. With the tree peony you can of course structure your garden very well. The perennial species would be more suitable for shaping various plant beds. There are also mixed species that allow you to combine the different advantages of the two.

Magnificent peonies in the middle of the garden

Tradition and innovations

The peonies come from China and have been known there for more than 2000 years. They first became popular as medicinal plants. Peonies helped with bleeding.

In China alone, thousands of different flower species were bred. From recent times, one knows many different hybrids.

These are more robust, or easier to care for, peony-rose species.

Also a great variety of colors was achieved. Learn more about the history and the most famous hybrids in this article ,

We will continue with some important care tips.

Planting the perennial roses out of the pot

Differences between perennials and shrubs

The most important difference in care is when planting. The perennials need to be planted in the ground, about as deep as the depth of the temporary flower pot in which they were. The shrubs should be planted a little deeper: their roots should be about 5 cm below ground. Only then can both species develop well and bring flowers. Planting on an inappropriate depth is usually the reason why such are missing. An often occurring problem by the way.

As already said, the two species flower at different times. In addition, their winter appearance is quite different: the shrubs, of course, do not retreat!

In addition, there are a number of care tips that affect both types. Now let’s just turn our attention to it!

House facade with peonies

Plant the peonies evenly spaced

All peonies are quite broad both below and above the earth. For this reason, they must necessarily be implanted at a good distance from each other. That way they can develop well. Recommended is at least a meter distance.

Spice up the seating area with pink peonies

The right soil

Peonies need moisture. The earth should be permeable, however. You can not stand the waterlogging. The peonies develop best in partial shade. For example, they grow wonderfully under trees with not too thick foliage. Partial shade would be another optimal option. It is important that they get sun for 3 to 4 hours daily.

Magnificent peonies in a variety of colors

Patience pays off

After two or three years the peonies will reach a reasonable size and beautify the garden with its magnificent flowers. However, patience pays off several times. They will bloom for up to 50 years. Some peonies can even survive for centuries!

The delicate white flowers of this variety delight the eye

Put the plants in the right time

The peonies can be moved, but this must be done at the right time. This should best happen in the time they retired between October and March. When excavating, be careful not to hurt the root system. The change of location should happen in the first years of development, when the plants are still not so widely developed.

Peonies – Amaises can be helpful

What about the ants?

There are different pests that the development of the peonies can prevent. In each case different measures have to be taken. However, according to most gardening experts, the ants do not count. Even they are in some ways positive for their development. By feeding on the sugar substance of the flowers, they help them to open up really well.

The typical delicate color – light pink is very popular for decoration of parties

Tips for arrangements in vases

From peonies you create great arrangements in vases. You can make great decoration yourself, which can last up to 10 days. We advise you to cut only flowers that are at least three years old. Then they have reached their full splendor. This means that you can fill a vase with just two of them.

Beautiful fields with peonies


The peonies are a worthwhile investment for the garden. With proper care you can enjoy several decades of their magnificent flowers. Choose a suitable style – in terms of care, function in the garden and in accordance with your preference for different colors.

Enjoy the summery and typically rural atmosphere in the garden and in the interior decoration, which spread the beautiful peonies!

The peonies can be a great accent in the garden

Plant beds with white peonies

The special root of shrub peonies

Also combinations with other plants are possible

The peonies are easy to mate with other garden flowers

Various types of flowers of peonies

Long plant beds with peonies

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