Water plants in your garden provide a unique idyll

Aquatic plants – Numphaea and Eichhornia

Do you actually have a small lake or other decorative furniture in your garden? Do you want to expand one? If your answer to either question is positive, you may also want to consider aquatic plants. Because these clearly make the idyll unique.

We will introduce you today to two upper types and want to help you thus.

Water Rose – beautiful aquatic plant for your garden

  • Aquatic plants Numphaea (Water Rose)

Does the Latin name remind you of something? Yes, these beauties could be compared to great water nymphs. Numphea is not a concrete one water plant but a generic term. Numphaea is actually called water-rose, but there are many different species. It is widespread in Europe, North America and Asia. In the garden design water lilies would find in the decoration of swimming pools and pools. Many hybrids with varied shapes were created for this purpose.

Interesting facts

These water plants bloom in summer. But in warm conditions, this period could be extended. The depth can be between 30 and 80 cm, depending on the type of aquatic plant. You should already get the instructions when shopping. If these are missing, then you should expect at least 40 cm.

Such an aquatic plant would feel most comfortable in the sunniest places in the pool. It must be used either directly in the ground or in special baskets for this purpose. They are then transplanted in the summer. It is very important in everything you do that you do not allow the freezing of the roots.

The water lilies overwinter

If the water basin is not very deep and there is no risk of freezing, then the water lilies can stay there. When the water is pumped out in winter, the Numphae should be covered with dry leaves. So you can protect them from the cold.

If you maintain the plant under house conditions, then you should no longer provide them with nutrients from August. Because that’s how you prepare them for wintering. In all cases, the water would have to be replaced regularly. The place – the swimming pool or the pool must be cleaned.

At the end you should also remember that the water lilies do not like the movement in the water.

An exotic aquatic plant

  • Water Hyacinth (Eichhornia)

Here we are dealing with beautiful water plants from Brazil. You can take care of them at home in simple, suitable containers. Just let them float freely in the beginning.

Here are some hints if you want to use it to decorate your artificial lake or other furnishings. The height can reach up to 40 cm above the water. The water hyacinth blooms in pale purple in summer and spring. It is a kind of aquatic plant, which is very demanding towards the light.

The right care

The place where it should grow, should be very well exposed. If you use them in a room, look for a place next to the window. In autumn and winter additional artificial lighting will do these water plants very well.

The high temperatures are also fundamental. The best would be between 22 and 24 degrees. Even during the flowering period, you should secure around 29 degrees. Avoid the big changes in temperature.

These water hyacinths feel very good in high humidity. This is also something you should back up. Fertilization does not have to be. Propagation is done by sprouts. These just have to be left in the water so they can swim there freely.

A nice idea for small gardens

Design a small pond in the garden

You can also plant aquatic plants in the flowerpot

Admirable flowers

Where would you place it?

Stunning water-rose in red

The water hyacinths can also be placed in the house

Create a summer idyll through aquatic plants

How do you like this little garden design?

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