Which house plants need little light?

Potted plants that need little light

Do you have houseplants at your home? Green plants and flowering potted plants create a homely atmosphere and have a positive effect on the indoor climate. So they are a clever and cool decoration idea that we highly recommend. And if you think that only old ladies and retirees understand a lot about plants and can nurture them properly, then you are definitely wrong.

There are also easy-care plant species that you could easily maintain as a beginner.

Already you have no excuse that you have no houseplants, because the following potted plants are robust and do not need special care or a special location. They can also thrive in shady areas. And if you forget to water them regularly, do not worry, they will not die so easily. Should we take a look which house plants need little light? We present a small list of six plant species for dark rooms.

Which house plants need little light? The following six room plant species are easy to care for and thrive even in dark rooms

1. Lucky feather, Zamioculcas zamiifolia

This houseplant is easy to clean and adaptable. It can thrive in both shade and sunlight. Practical, right?

A green plant that needs little light

Zamioculcas Zamiifolia can grow up to 1.50 meters high

2. Nest fern, Asplenium nidus

All Asplenium species (fern species) are easy to care for and do not need much light. A shady to partially shaded location at normal room temperature is quite suitable for them.

Nest fern needs slightly higher humidity

Asplenium nidus is different from the other ferns

If possible, do not change its location and do not place the nest fern in direct sunlight.

Foliage – broad, light and slightly wavy at the edge

Third Aspidistra, Aspidistra

The shoemaker’s palm likes low-light locations and must not be exposed to direct sunlight.

Shield flower, butcher palm and iron plant are the other names of the shoemaker palm

Broad, leathery leaves

4. Efeutute, Epipremnum Pinnatum

The Efeutute, still called Monstera, is a popular vine that tolerates no direct sunlight. A too dark location is also not suitable for this houseplant. Find a nice half-shady place for them, so that their leaves do not discolour.

Effetutes in the bathroom

Individuals with a bright pattern need more light than those who have dark green leaves

5. Kentia palm, Howea forsteriana

This is one of the most popular room palms. She can also thrive in the apartment very well and reach a height of over two meters. In the summer it should be far away from the window and direct sunlight, can also be placed outdoors, but also in the shade. In winter, it tolerates some natural light.

Young Kentia palms need higher room temperatures

Far away from the window

In summer, the palm needs to be watered more often

6. Green lily, Chlorophytum comosum

Find a place without direct sunshine. Otherwise the green lily likes slightly sunny locations and not much water.

The green lily grows relatively fast

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