With which natural remedies can aphids be fought? Tips and tricks for passionate hobby gardeners!

Most species of aphids are considered the worst enemy of all indoor and garden plants, so all hobby gardeners must be able to recognize these pests in time and fight efficiently. This 2-4 mm. large insects have a Stechrüssel, which serves as a suction tube – so they pierce the plants and suck the plant juice! Usually, they infest all plant species, but prefer especially the young shoots. Your sucking activity leads to a significant loss of quality or even to complete crop failure! Mostly they accumulate on the undersides of the leaves and close to flower and leaf approaches.

Fight aphids, but how exactly?

Various concentrated liquid insecticides, insect sprays and pesticides in the form of powder are now available on the market in abundant variety. Although they actually do well in the everyday fight against aphids, they should be handled with care because some plants such as medicinal herbs and spices are quite sensitive to certain toxic substances. In addition, it also destroys the beneficials in the courtyard. But do not worry, because in addition to the numerous chemical substances, there are also a number of different natural home remedies for the uninvited guests in the garden! We’ve come up with some clever ideas on how to quickly and effortlessly fight aphids without chemicals!

Discover aphids in time and fight immediately

The underside of leaves should be checked again and again in order to take the necessary measures in a timely manner

Lice control with tomato leaves or nettle

Thanks to the alkaloids found here, the homemade spray of tomato leaves or stinging nettle seems to be an excellent aid against aphids and dust mites. Cut 2-3 handfuls of tomato leaves or 200g. Fresh nettle into small pieces, then soak them in a liter of cold water and leave the mixture overnight. Sieve them through the next day and spray them abundantly on the infected plant leaves and stems to remove the pests. For a lasting success you have to repeat this aphid cure several times.

Fight against aphids – even the plants help you fight the pests

Combat aphids with soft soap or shampoo

With the soap spray you quickly kill several pests – aphids, ticks and house dust mites. Add 3 tablespoons of water to a tablespoon biodegradable detergent Add the mix to a spray bottle and then spray on the undersides of your plants! The organic detergent can be replaced with a simple shampoo, soft soap or Lavender butter, but in this case, you should clean the plant leaves gently with a brush after a certain time and gently rinse the hard with clean water, so that no stains remain on it !

Repeat the aphid cure several times and free the plants from aphids

Use food to control aphids

If you have a cup of cold coffee or black tea left after breakfast, you are welcome to use it in the fight against the pests!

Another solution to your problems in the garden is the garlic! Finely chop 4-5 cloves of garlic, pour over 2 liters of boiling water, wait 30 minutes, then sift and then let the extract cool. Then fill a spray bottle with it and finally spray the plant! The lice infestation also helps the fresh (exceptionally dried) oregano – just 100g. soak in one liter of boiling water, let stand for 20 minutes, sift through and use as an effective anti-spill spray!

Aphids fight with garlic … or oregano!

Mince 10 small spicy peppers and then rub a tablespoon of soap. Boil a quart of water, mix everything together and let it simmer for at least one day before pouring the mix through a fine strainer or tea towel. In addition to the aphids can also combat caterpillars!

A unique and extraordinary combination that is unbearable for aphids !

Aphids fight by beneficials

Larvae of Marienkiefern, Gallmücken, Ohrwürmer and Ohrenkneifer rank among the natural predators of aphids. With an insect hotel (you can get out of any garden shop, or online or even build by yourself ) Lure the beneficial insects into your garden and thus destroy entire lice colonies! The Marienkiefer larva can eat up to 400 aphids a day and therefore proves to be an excellent helper in the courtyard!

Fight aphids – These beneficials should always be welcome in your garden!

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