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Would you like to have a nice lawn in the garden?


If you want to have a nice lawn in the garden, follow our tips

You want to create a new lawn as fast as possible? Whether you have a new home or want to furnish the old with a fresh green space, you can do that. As you will learn from today’s article, this is not a really difficult task.

But you have to know a few tricks and you can read them in today’s article.

Lawn in the garden – cover your yard with fresh lawns


Depending on where you live, the grass can remain green throughout the year. You only have to find a species that suits your climate. The same applies to planting, but the best thing to do is to choose spring and autumn, because this is where you have the most chance for good root development. Also ask a few professionals if these standard rules also apply to conditions in your area.

Why should one grow the lawn from the sod?

– Do you want instant gratification?

– You want to plant a kind of grass that will make it difficult to seed?

– You want to finish a lawn very quickly this fall / spring?

– You have enough budget for the lawn and want to save a bit of work?

How to plant turf?

1. Finish the earth

You must do this before you start planting the lawn. Otherwise, you risk a lumpy and bumpy result. In addition to the bad aesthetic effect, this will also result in poor perception of fertilization. So the grass will grow unhealthily.

How to make a new plant turf can plant



2. Seek carefully and get your reel in order

Ask yourself if this is the best idea when it comes to planting the grass you want. Because some species should preferably grow from the roll grass and in others, one should rather rely on seeds.

Get the earth done!

3. Apply the grass

Once the soil in your garden is done, you should go to the garden. You should aim for a straight line, such as a walkway. The joints of the turf pieces should be placed close together. So you can hide gaps or not very good looking parts. For the irregular shaped areas you should use a knife to cut the turf accordingly.

Get your rolling grass in order!

4. Determine a mowing and watering schedule

In the first week after setting up the new lawn, water to a depth of one centimeter once a week. Do not remove more than one-third of the strips of paper each time you mow.

Apply the grass!

Additional advice:

– Always ask about the delivery charges when ordering your lawn

– After laying out, you could work the entire area with a special scooter that will help to make the connection between the lawn and the ground better established. This measure is not mandatory, but it helps you to get good results. source

– For the first two or three weeks, you do not want to walk on the grass. So you will contribute to the establishment of a good structure.

– Find out about the specific features of the lawn you have chosen and stick to the specific rules.

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